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Worry-Free, Comprehensive Tree Care

Health & Risk Assessment

Our certified arborist can identify the health of your trees, assess potential risks and propose a plan to prevent potential issues and rectify current problems.

Hurricane Preparedness

Hurricane season is June through November. Don’t get caught with an issue after the fact that could’ve potentially been prevented by Island Tree inspecting your property and assessing any areas of concern before the storm.

Tree Preservation

Trees need fertilization to remain healthy and strong. Cabling and Bracing might also be necessary on trees with structural issues to protect it.

Tree Pest Diagnosis and Treatment

Spraying may be necessary on trees that have become infested with disease or insects. Non-toxic chemicals are always our top priority and will always be used unless a toxic chemical is absolutely necessary.

Tree Pruning

Dead or weak limbs can cause significant damage to homes and property. Weak and damaged limbs are more susceptible to disease and pest infestations. Periodic pruning helps to prevent damage and maintain the health of your tree.

Tree Removal

Removal of trees is sometimes necessary for a variety of reasons including hazardous trees or aesthetics. Our team handles each situation with safety and care.

Stump Grinding

Landscaping may be needed once a tree is removed. Stumps grinding or complete stump removal will give you the ability to landscape over the area.

24hour Emergency Response Teams

Our licensed and insured staff are available for your tree emergency 24hours. With over 25 Years in the industry you can feel comfortable and confident in the abilities and services Island tree can provide.


Island Tree, LLC are your friendly, affordable and reliable tree removal and management service in Hilton Head Island.

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